Yesterday in Kazan died man from multiple injuries in the rectum. There are assumptions that the injured Sergei Nazarov has received as a result of bullying police department no. 9 «Dalniy». Sergei Nazarov, 52 year old man, was detained by police of suspicion of petty crimes.

His relatives claimed that police had raped him with a bottle of champagne. They told that on Friday, March 9, Sergei went for a food shopping and disappeared. As it turned out later, the police arrested him because he was drunk and insulted passers-by. But relatives denied the fact that the man was drunk.

As the spokesman, for the Investigation Committee of The Republic of Tatarstan, said that on March 10, Sergei Nazarov was taken to the city hospital No. 18 with damage to the rectum. Paramedics picked up the victim directly from the Police Department. He was taken to the hospital with large blood losses. After surgery man was relocated to the intensive care unit. But injuries sustained, too severe, he died.  But he said to the doctors that the police had raped him with a bottle of champagne.

Law enforcement denying allegation that he has been raped.

In theRepublicofTatarstanopened criminal proceedings «in respect of abuse the power, involving the use of violence and intentional infliction of bodily harm, committed with the mockery of the victims».

However, it’s too early to speak of the police involvement in the man’s death. We will monitor developments. Currently conducted investigations that aimed at all the circumstances of the incident. The investigation of the criminal case is in progress.